Pod 3: Platform

Pod 3 #Concept ‘Platform’

A place to see and be seen. Like graffiti at the railway platform, a bit street art, a bit show-off, a bit grunge and edgy. Somewhere fresh and alternative, somewhere new and different. Somewhere you want to meet up at, kick back and be cool at. Somewhere to kick start your night. A place to stand out and be seen. Like at the train station, going places . . . . .

Using novel and unexpected design cues and palattes to give an industrial feel. Metal mesh, checker plate, flat and perforated sheet. Hard, reflective surfaces like sheet metal, casually constructed, raw like an old industrial warehouse. Unpretentious, cool, comfortable to be in. Outdoors, open and exposed. Present an ambiguous object to the street when closed, but at night will open up to reveal the party within.