Pod 1: The Arbour

Pod 1 # Concept ‘Old School, New School’

Builds on the theme for the pod structure of contrasting old, familiar patterns and textures (homeliness) against the spirit of modernity embodied by the existing façade. A retro, old school vibe, appealing to hipsters, encourage casual social engagement, a spot to stop on your weekend walk or ride of the bike, a place to relax, in informal surroundings, and connect with your friends in familiar, familial settings.

Using design cues such as wardrobes instead of shelving, weatherboards as internal, more like the kitchen at home than at the café, reclaimed furniture, windows and doors, antique and retro pictures and frames, the concept plays on our memories of places growing up and makes us feel ‘at home’. Outside, the generous terrace allows plenty of space to gather and celebrate, and engage with street life passing by. A little bit on show, a little bit at home. A blend of in / out, old / new. A little bit old school, a little bit new school.

old school