Noosa House

At once a holiday home and a grand beachside residence, this house design provides for separable spaces within the overall house design, that allows for up to 3 seperate stand alone living accommodations. The House can be used as either a large, 4 bedrooms residence, with many seperate living areas, or, as a 2 bedroom apartment, and two one bedroom studio suites. This arrangement allows the owner flexibility in terms of how much or how little space at the house they might like to take up at any one point, providing rental income streams from other accommodation modules. The house itself is constructed from light, cheap materials, in keeping with the beachside theme and reducing cost. Technical innovations include use of laminated plywood beams and a large column free living spaces. A high level viewing platform was included central to the site allowing views for whale watching.

Click Here for Realistic Walkthrough Rendering of This House (4 minute video)