08. Renders

MWA works quickly from hand sketch concept to finalised render. We can produce accurate, reliable concept renders within two weeks of date of request. This helps to demonstrate the project concept easily, quickly and at low cost to relevant project stakeholders.

The process works as follows:

Initial mass modelling, taking into account site controls, and project form concept This mass concept relates to the optimal project yield for the site. Clients can review and comment. This stage usually includes a schedule of areas, indicating yield characteristics for the site.

Hand Sketch, completed by Matt as an overlay to the mass modelling to ensure accuracy of bulk and scale. Clients can review and comment on the concept at this stage. Materials and finishes are selected.

Computerised Render, First Pass. This stage provides a focus on a key view of the building, bringing together the architecture, materials, finishes, lighting and landscape concepts. Clients can review and comment on this stage of the production.

The example project shown here is the Subaru National Flagship Store in Northbridge, Sydney. Matthew worked quickly from hand sketch to final concept render, which allowed the client to not only win the project tender but also define the Subaru brand definition, and following a review by Subaru HQ in Tokyo, allowed our client to secure an additional $1.4m for the project.