Berry’s Bay Marina

MWA have independantly developed ideas for the repurposing and integration of the RMS Landholding adjacent the Coal Loader and Ball’s Head Nature Reserve. As lead Design Architect for the new Rozelle Interchange and Parklands Project, Matthew came to be aware of the new Tunnel to be constructed from Rozelle to Cammeray as part of the Westconnex Project Stage 3b. RMS will use the currently unused land holdings adjacent the historic Woodleys Bay Marina Shed, for purpose of landing spoil during tunnel works. This means the landholding shoud be revitalised following completion of those works, to suit the public benefit. The purpose of MWA’s work is to stimulate conversation and awareness amongst the community as to the ultimate utlity and function of the landholding, as well as investigate the logistical possibilities of such a project at this location.

Possible functional inclusions are as follows:

(4) Food and Beverage Zone: This zone is fringed to the north by the two boat slips discussed above, to the east 6 permanent or temporary berths and a ferry stop and public jetty to the east, and to the south a generous porte cohere and coach drop off area, suitable for arrival by tourists and visitors to the museum. A generous outdoor deck fringes the north and east of the F&B Zone, that could be utilised for outdoor seating, making this Zone the central visual focus for the whole of the precinct. The large plaza is a gathering space for crowd and visitor groups,

(5) Boutique Hotel: Behind the F&B Precinct is a 4 storey ‘Yachties’ Residences’, a set of 60 or so boutique and luxury residential suites that could be utilised by tourists or visiting sailors seeking respite a few nights. 40 car spaces could be provided in a basement level below the ground level of the yachties’ residences building. The ground floor of this building is the same as the surrounding waterside hardstand, and the height of the building more or less matches the height of the existing dilapidated building in this location.

Yachting Zone: To the South, the existing set of buildings and existing site levels are adapted and enlarged slightly to provide for a (2) Yacht Chandlery, and a Yacht Manager’s Residence, (3) a Premium Restaurant on the water’s edge, and (1), a two storey Yacht Club, with boat storage below and Yachts’ amenities above, all overlooking the beautiful Berry;s Bay to the north. A hardstand area is provided for car and trailer turning and access to the existing vehicle rated boat ramp. A swing gantry arm could be integrated to provide for lifting of One Design class of boats into and out of the water from this hardstand to a trailer. 10 short term moorings are provided here for visiting yachties. 25 or so car parks are provided to the south of the yacht club and chandlery, accessible from the balls head reserve loop road.

The lovely existing beach is retained and integrated to the yacht club hardstand area and could be utilised for small sail craft, kayaks etc., for purpose of sailing school or recreation. This beach has direct access to open water

Overall, the proposed new permanent and fixed boat mooring and standing positions could be managed centrally to support the ongoing maintenance, repair and operation of a range of interesting and unique maritime craft.

The unique character of an integrated Marina precinct in Berry’s Bay seems a natural way to preserve the Bay’s existing maritime character as well as equip it for a long running future and presence of maritime activities for generations to come.