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Heritage City Site; Student Accommodation

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This scheme integrates with the existing heritage structures on site to provide an interesting, varied and contextual environment for occupants and visitors to the site. The Ground Plane and Podium provides for a range of hospitality and boutique commercial or retail opportunities in a setting that is unique to Brisbane city. Whilst most other development projects on heritage sites remove existing heritage elements, proposed new build elements are situated over and built above heritage address, retaining existing heritage elements which are of excellent quality. The tower itself utilises raw finish materials (concrete, natural anodised aluminium, timber, painted steel) to create an organic base palette, over which is overlaid a network of vertical gardens and semi-indoors recreational spaces, acting as ‘verandahs’ at certain key floors through the towers height.


Sippy Downs Residential and Student Housing


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This project forms part of the new Sippy Downs Town Centre adjacent Sunshine Coast University. The Masterplan intends to build on the Sunshine Coast City Council vision, and integrate the new City centre with the existing and future University built fabric. The project integrates significant courtyard and park spaces to a high density environment, and utilises traditional high density block forms.  Ground floor activation provides a zone of respite and community, a design and urbanity reminiscent of European residential block design. It is intended that the Block Planning proceed in line with masterplan revisions undertaken in Partnership with local stakeholders including the Local Council and University, to realise a pleasant, liveable, affordable and healthy urban environment. The project is in early stages of design and will be completed from the new MWA Sunshine Coast Office.

Mt Coolum Residential, Aged Care and Hotel Club


Within close proximity to the majestic Mt Coolum and Coolum Beach, this project will realise a sensitive and contextual design response to its local environment and culture. A mix of Apartments, two level Terraces and two level Detached houses, provides a number of accommodation options for short term guests and long term residents. The project includes assisted living apartments, and a 180-suite Hotel and Golf Clubhouse, including 16 large, executive villas, with integrated indoor / outdoor shared living areas and private pool. At early stages of design, the project will celebrate the native Australian landscape that is so powerfully present in the Mt Coolum area. This project will be delivered from the new MWA Sunshine Coast Office.

Gold Coast High-Rise Feasibility

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This project assesses the development potential for a major landholding within the Surfers City central zone. The design reflects concepts of luck and harmony as are important to Chinese culture, and provides a site-sensitive and functional design for a major new hotel and residential facility. The Feasibility Study was completed within three weeks.


Tall Tower, Gold Coast

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MWA participated in the delivery of designs for a major new building at the Gold Coast, comprising around 650 serviced apartments for sale within local and international markets. The project was delivered from an existing form concept & project feasibility to a coordinated set of documents suitable for submission to a development application with the City Authority, on a fast track timeline for international clients.


House, ‘Laguna’ Phuket, Thailand

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MWA provided concept designs for a new house on a key site within the Laguna community in Phuket. The House design facilitates easy, outdoor living, in keeping with ‘thai style’ lifestyle principles. The house also provides for the integrated display of  artworks. Visibility between major spaces and interconnectivity enhances the chance for casual surveillance of children, and improved connectedness between family members. Concrete is used as a key material for its aesthetic and thermal performance benefits; the heat lag through the high thermal mass material creates cool during the day for the house occupants. The house provides a modernist & minimalist design interpretation of traditional thai environmental design and habitation strategies. Reference is made to Geoffrey Bawa’s work in the Region, and the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe.

Townsville Traveller’s Bar

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Putting to use an under-utilised space adjacent to an existing and functioning heritage Pub, and an existing heritage brick structure, upgrade works to this space provide a flexible, day and night, hot and cool place to meet for the city’s travellers and locals. Green walls and significant vegetation are integrated to the design concept to provide shade, cool and a unique and memorable feature.