MWA pride themselves on effctive concise, thoughtful and meaningful project reporting. Reporting allows the Client and Projet Stakeholders a clear view of the Design Process, by way of discussing and recording actions with regards to a particular Project’s Business Case and Design Opportunity, VIsion, Financial Targets, and Market Segment Understanding, as well as a clear definition of particular Site Constraints, Context, Infrastructure, Servicing and Logistics, Ecology and Micro-Climate, etc. Compiled at each major Project Gateway, this project Report provides a clear and accountable picutre as to the steps taken in designing the Project, to support the CLient and Stakeholders in gathering traction for the deisgn approach as well as assuring robustness and reliability in the conceptual direction undertaken for the Project.

Some example reports provided here:

WestConnex 3B Rozelle Parkklands

Chatswood commercial Tower

Can Thai Hotel Concept

Enfield Intermodal

Sydney Gateway EOI

Mercedes HQ

Subaru HQ

Retail Concepts

Contemporary House Design – in Heritage Area

Health Facility