The challenge for Multi Residential Projects at MWA is to achieve unique, timeless results within current market demand that provides exceptional commercial return to the Client without compromising on liveability and personal identity for the eventual occupants. We understand that designs must work to reasonable price points and current construction techniques. We also understand that for projects to have an exceptional return to the developer, they must be unique and special. Optimal project value is a balance of cost and value and decisions made must be carefully considered to ensure the optimal result.

Site selection plays a large part in setting the right framework for this result. MWA are happy to work with developers on a speculative basis to test various sites and assist with pre-purchase and due diligence checks. It is possible to also provide exceptional results on complex or difficult sites by way of intelligent design. MWA are able to work closely with Clients to establish the maximum value proposition for the particular site.

MWA understand what drives value in residential developments. We work very hard to articulate site and planning issues that will drive an optimal and innovative result. We work from a first principles basis, to establish controls and constraints for each particular site, that underpin the creative work that will follow. Matt Williams has collaborated with a number of Australia’s premier residential designers for a number of nationally significant housing projects. Matthew is able to bring the value of these experiences to the project group, and can facilitate important project decisions in a clear and transparent way. Matthew has an excellent understanding of multi residential projects, from initial project briefs and concepts through to completion. Matthew also has a solid understanding of TOD sites design opportunities and constraints.

MWA understand the intrinsic risk for developers in undertaking development projects and have active management strategies and controls in place to minimise and control this risk. MWA has successfully collaborated with Authorities, Planners and Consultants to achieve desired outcomes.