Retail ‘Pods’ Project

Contextually, there are many strong cues that tie the area together. Bottle glass windows, timber framed and flaking paint, rough and worn corrugated metal, large, overhanging trees and ‘sudden vistas’.

This urban character has not waned; it has proved robust and malleable. In architecture we would call it ‘grain’, it’s that density of micro enterprise and social energy that come together to form this diverse and engaging environment. It was no accident that this ‘grain’ encouraged some of the more innovative (and independent) bars and clubs to open.

It’s this spirit of constant renewal and interchangeability; of malleability and utility that keeps the area vibrant and entertaining. The ‘pods’ project embodies this spirit of enterprise and making it as we want it – making change, and renewing these urban spaces.

The ‘Pods’ project can set the tone for this next wave of renewal. Previously focussed on the West End section, the project zone is effectively ‘new ground’ for expanding cultural typologies.

A gritty, commercial character can be enriched by careful insertion of carefully conceived and designed urban ‘jewels’. Quality craftsmanship and materials can infuse a point of access and connection for its resident workers and inhabitants.

pod1 sketch reduced