The MWA design process is fast, reliable, rationale and predictable. Its design thinking is based on first principle investigations, logical and rational interpretations, and targeted and skillful creative thought, in order to provide fit for purpose design ideas that are at once remarkable and unique at the same time as being affordable, practical and buildable. MWA are as skilled as designers as they are as project managers; we work co-operatively to integrate a range of project tasks running in parallel, and implement quality design thinking and research in order to drive innovation in the final outcome. MWA projects are always unique, and a perfect fit for the Client’s brief and site.

MWA use advanced BIM, running in parallel with hand sketches, product typology research, placemaking initiatives, a dynamic Project Brief, and real time walk through rendering capabilities to ensure that the Project Concept is beautifully considered, illustrated and communicated.

Working across the three key domains of Admin, Management, and Resource, with resource  being divided to Design and Technical factors, MWA Project Leaders are agile and capable leaders who efficiently supply direction and integration to Projects through critical insight, creativity, clear communication, design competence and trust. MWA Project Leaders can work competently and creatively on any project, to any budget, on any site, within any delivery methodology or project programme.