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Sippy Downs Residential and Student Housing


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This project forms part of the new Sippy Downs Town Centre adjacent Sunshine Coast University. The Masterplan intends to build on the Sunshine Coast City Council vision, and integrate the new City centre with the existing and future University built fabric. The project integrates significant courtyard and park spaces to a high density environment, and utilises traditional high density block forms.  Ground floor activation provides a zone of respite and community, a design and urbanity reminiscent of European residential block design. It is intended that the Block Planning proceed in line with masterplan revisions undertaken in Partnership with local stakeholders including the Local Council and University, to realise a pleasant, liveable, affordable and healthy urban environment. The project is in early stages of design and will be completed from the new MWA Sunshine Coast Office.

Mt Coolum Residential, Aged Care and Hotel Club


Within close proximity to the majestic Mt Coolum and Coolum Beach, this project will realise a sensitive and contextual design response to its local environment and culture. A mix of Apartments, two level Terraces and two level Detached houses, provides a number of accommodation options for short term guests and long term residents. The project includes assisted living apartments, and a 180-suite Hotel and Golf Clubhouse, including 16 large, executive villas, with integrated indoor / outdoor shared living areas and private pool. At early stages of design, the project will celebrate the native Australian landscape that is so powerfully present in the Mt Coolum area. This project will be delivered from the new MWA Sunshine Coast Office.

BOMAS Cultural and Convention Facility, Nairobi, Kenya

Recently MWA was invited to participate as design architects for a limited entry Competition for the BOMAS of Kenya Convention, Culture and Hotel Precinct in Nairobi, Kenya.

From the Design Submission:

The Design proposes to create a natural wetland environment similar to Lake Naviasha National Park, where iconic African animals can integrate in a managed and safe way with the new Cultural and Convention Centre facilities. It provides a platform for visitors to the Centre to participate in the unique local ecology of Kenya. This central lake has passive design benefits, provides an outlook for conference and event facilties and a central orientation to the masterplan, and reflects the origins of Nairobi as a place of ‘cool water’.

The masterplan and buildings are highly modernized interpretations of vernacular Kenyan architecture, utilizing worlds best practice sustainability design to provide a completely self sufficient and self-sustaining, hi tech facility that provides an iconic and memorable architecture and experience for both visitors to Kenya, and Kenyan People. It will stand as an icon to be remembered over many generations and will become a central part of the Kenyan cultural identity and social memory, as a comfortable, enjoyable and accessible place that contributes to he rich variety of life and experience as is part of the Kenyan lifestyle. The Masterplan shows a way for the future, where high technology integrates with balanced ecology.

The scheme is one of buildings set in a forested landscape, and surrounding a large waterbody – ‘cool water’.

MWA Masterplanning Process