Houses are incubators for innovation in design. We take each House commission as a opportunity to advance the vernacular and technical ability of this Practice. Each house commission is completed to achieve a design that is unique and special for the Client.

Clients each have a unique vision for their project. Often House Projects represent the cumulative effort of our Clients over many years; careful selection of the site, the architectural approach, and the funding and procurement strategy. We respect the effort that is required to bring a House commission to the commencement stage. It is a responsibility we take seriously.

For these reasons Houses are very special and important projects. Each House Project needs to be undertaken with the utmost care and consideration for Client; the Site, materials and fitments, technical detailing and construction on site, to ensure an exceptional and remarkable result.

MWA approach each house project uniquely. Each Client has its own special feel for their place and sense of ‘home’. At MWA we understand the process of consultation to articulate these requirements. The process itself is a way to move towards a more collaborative understanding of what ‘Home’ means to the Client. Our goal is to truly understand the Client requirements, and create something wonderful.


MWA is a newly established architecture firm with a focus on complex and strategic projects that require a strong client and civic engagement. MWA’s core skills in brief definition and design conceptualisation allows us to work in a collaborative way with Clients, Consultants, Experts and Creatives and make elegant and unique architecture.